Bohemian Revolution

My favorite story Screen play in the whole wide world is Moulin Rouge.

I flew to Paris in 2001 to see a show and I can not stop thinking about it, I became hooked.

I was thrilled to be able to follow the journey of the characters in the movie with song and dance.

Director Baz Luhrmann is an inspiration and I hope one day he can help me with my dream to make my Story into a movie and bring Adamine to the big screen.

Character – Satine  -Portrayed by  Nicole Kidman




Character that never dies….


Scarface Tony Montana was a badass fictional character that was created in 1984. He is still talked about today and his  quotes are often referenced.

He became the king of Miami Cocaine and walked around town with his little friend, a machine gun while smoking Cuban cigars.

He was a badass Character with a twist of crazy on lots of  yayo…..

by Linda c Gabriella



I am no Angel…..

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
In this Photo – My Best Friend (Good Angel) & Linda (bad Angel) @ 1997

I was invited to a fancy dress party in the year 1997 with my best friend , we were 21 years of age.
We are both Gemini’s and  we would swap often between the good twin and the evil twin on many occasions and we did not need a costume to do it……!!

Today we are still friends and we have a mutual understanding in regards to our past events and experiences, no word is spoken we just smile at each other.

The things that we used to get up to together….I am smiling

By Linda C Gabriellatumblr_static_4fyck42roiyok04wgkkoc4wgg

The Waiting Room

How long do you WAIT for something good to happen to you?

Do you keep on waiting or do you go ask when your turn is next?
What sort of person are you? Which one? Waiting for somebody else to tell you when it is your turn or do you stand up and say it is my turn now?
Do not wait any longer follow your dreams – Linda C Gabriella


Introducing Adamine Harrison

The small, country town of Harcourt Falls holds an old secret. A secret of forbidden love in the supernatural worlds.

Adamine Harrison has the best life working as the CEO of a Vampire Clothing & Cosmetics Company in the modern city of London with her devoted vampire family members.

However, after a visit to her hometown of Harcourt Falls to see her expecting best friend Elizabeth Rayner, She begins to realise that things are not quite as they seem in her perfect world.

Adamine is faced with haunting questions about her past, and she sets off across the world to seek answers and the truth throwing her into a world of danger.

During her Journey she is intrigued by the curiously handsome Faine that appears before her at a fashion show. However, after she introduces him into her world and family, Adamine quickly finds herself drawn into a life of Sin, Lust and Survival.

Fictional Character – Adamine Harrison Author: Linda C Gabriella – All things Romance Love, Lust and Vampires & much more. © Linda C Gabriella 2015