It is important to have a day of rest.

Much of the reason we are unable to find adequate rest is because we are under the constant impression that our lives can and should be better than they are today. This constant drive to improve our standing through the acquisition of money, power, or skills robs us of contentment and joy. Ultimately, rest is an extension of our contentment and security. Without them, simplicity and rest is difficult, if not impossible. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and start enjoying the things you do.



I remember when I was a child watching the old box TV in my room all by myself. There was only four channels and after midnight it went off air.

I was lonely as a child, I was on my own a lot.

My mother worked long hours and my sister did not live with me after my parents divorced I was only 6 years old.

If only I  had the access to connect with people and reach out to my friends and family via technology, I bet I wouldn’t had been so lonely.

We had a TV and a Stereo and an old Dial phone with no numbers saved in it there was no option for that.

I did find a paper and pen and started writing, I kept a journal and I started writing silly stories that helped me escape the world I lived in.

I wish I had a computer and the internet and twitter and youtube.

Technology is now everybody’s Best Friend, sister, mother or brother…..when the real physical can not be there.

By Linda C Gabriella


Flying Solo


From my own experiences I have learnt that sometimes you need time to yourself to truly work out who you are and what you want to do.
I love my family and friends so much and I enjoy being around them.
I also love my time on my own to sit with and listen to my thoughts.
I like to always check in with myself.
I often reply and say be different, be me and that is what I do……………

by Linda C Gabriella