I remember when I was a child watching the old box TV in my room all by myself. There was only four channels and after midnight it went off air.

I was lonely as a child, I was on my own a lot.

My mother worked long hours and my sister did not live with me after my parents divorced I was only 6 years old.

If only I  had the access to connect with people and reach out to my friends and family via technology, I bet I wouldn’t had been so lonely.

We had a TV and a Stereo and an old Dial phone with no numbers saved in it there was no option for that.

I did find a paper and pen and started writing, I kept a journal and I started writing silly stories that helped me escape the world I lived in.

I wish I had a computer and the internet and twitter and youtube.

Technology is now everybody’s Best Friend, sister, mother or brother…..when the real physical can not be there.

By Linda C Gabriella



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